Behsam Mining Consultant, founded in 2004, is a mining engineering service firm specializing in mining, geotechnical and environmental engineering for the mining industry. Behsam project managers, engineers and geologists have helped various mining companies reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and reduce environmental liabilities in an ever changing regulatory environment. Based on our experience, our personnel are able to help our clients solve complex mining and environmental problems.. Our professional mining engineers, environmental consultants, geomechanic specialists, legal experts, and financial consultants have continually and successfully demonstrated their abilities to be exceptionally qualified mining consultants.

We hire and retain the best people relative to the mining industry, invest in advanced technologies and information resources, and concentrate only on our business as an independent mining consultant. We are committed to providing professional consulting services with an emphasis on lowered costs and increased productivity. Behsam Consultants is the key to making your project a success.

Our advantages as a resource, and reasons for existing as a firm, are that we provide solid senior-level business staff skills covering all aspects of the global mining and metal business and selective aspects of the oil & gas business which, when married with strong industry, technical and functional understanding, produce a unique work product.



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