Mouteh Gold Complex:

It is located 270km southwestern Tehran at 10km northwest of Mouteh village. Lithology of the area includes metamorphosed volcanosedimentary succession of upper Proterozoic with the grade of green schist facies. Acidic volcanic rocks are widespread that altered to kaolin. Effective factors are the tectonic fracturing and myloinitization of metamorphic rocks. Maximum percent of gold exists in rhyolite and dacite, which are now metamorphic. Its annual gold production is about 210 kg

Main mining activities started since 1957 and concentration plant built by BHP in 1990.
Behsam as engineering and supervision consultants successfully accomplished the following jobs
Defining best mining method
Mining System analysis and design
Preparing long term and short term planningh
Design and supervising infill exploration drilling
Updating strategic mine plan based on last exploration results
Planning and risk management
Mining activities supervision
Developing mining database and documentation







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