Behsam Consultants , performs a wide range of geological, environmental, hydrogeological and mining consulting services. Committed to achieving the highest standards in mineral resources analysis and support services, Services may be provided individually or as an integrated package.
Behsam Consultants offers the following services:

Exploration Services

• Gravity surveys
• Resistivity surveys
• Magnetic surveys
• Seismic surveys
• Electromagnetic surveys
• Induced Polarization surveys
• Radiometric surveys
• Geochemical surveys
• Geological mapping
• Down-the-hole geophysics
• Processing and interpretation of geophysical data

Mining Services

• Mine planning, construction studies and services
• Pit and underground mapping
• Continuous grade control
• Geotechnical investigations
• Prospecting and mineral rights applications
• Rock mechanics
• Mineral economics
• Environmental reclamation
• Mine operations evaluation
• Valuation of reserves, property, plants, and equipment
• Mine cost and cash flow analysis
• Mine Development
• Vocational training and transfer of technologies
• Technical and economic audits

Risk Assessment

• Resource risk
• Financial risk
• Technical risk
• Country risk
• Operational risk
• Geological risk

Bankable Feasibility Studies

• Market studies
• Impact studies
• Human resources
• Process pre-selection
• Site selection
• Due process
• Initial estimate of capital outlay and operating costs
• Financial and economic studies

Scoping Studies - Preliminary Mining Projects

• Final process selection
• Conceptual studies
• Layout and logistic studies
• General sizing of plant and buildings
• Budget and schedule
• Organization charts
• Financing plans
• Technical and economic audits



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